Salmon River Guided Fly Fishing

The Salmon River- the premier East Coast destination for Salmon, Steelhead, and Browns. As an upstate NY native (Rochester then Finger Lakes), I’ve witnessed the development of this fishery into what it is today-the good and the bad included. In spite of instances of poor behavior by humans, the river itself is a miracle- the benthic macroinvertabrate populations are off the charts, the river is clean, cold and has great spawning gravel. As a result, the river has robust populations of wild Steelhead as well as wild King and Coho salmon- that’s right, the Salmon are actually reproducing naturally even though they have west coast origins that should make that almost impossible. The state of NY also stocks plenty of fish too, making for one incredible fishery. This is a great river to hook your first Salmon or Steelhead – I guide there Mon/Friday from the third week in September to the second week of December (the Deerfield River on the weekends for wild browns)¬†and again in March and April. I like the weekdays because the river can get busy on the weekends, which doesn’t affect the catching but makes for tight quarters fishing.