Deerfield River Fishing Report 10/6/18

8145239D-5DB2-411A-9E07-712069BB8E853D237362-A6B5-4D97-AFE4-E7B155A93004The Deerfield River Fishing Report/Swift River Fishing Report for 10/6/18:The Deerfield has been stocked over the last week and the flows are starting to come down to reasonable levels after a month of high flows and fairly ho hum fishing. The bite has really turned on the last couple days with lots of action on rainbows and some wild browns in the mix too. There’s a few Iso’s around and lots of small black caddis (18). Big streamers and sculpin patterns thrown at the banks are moving wild browns for the drift boats- unfortunately the water is still too high for easy wading but pick your spots ( soft seams next to the main current ) and you can still connect on foot. I’ve been asked the foliage stage on the river and I would say we’re ten days to to two weeks from peak.  The Swift River has been solid from a Cady Lane to the pond with lots of action on brookies and bows. Mops, squirmies, tiny pheasant tails, and mercury midges have been the go to. The fall is a bittersweet season that seems to go bye faster than the spring so don’t procrastinate and get out there and fish!